Recon Jet Pro

Smart glasses for the connected workforce.

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Recon Jet Pro smart glasses deliver smartphone-class capabilities in a hands-free wearable device. By streamlining workflows and empowering organizations at the worker level, Jet Pro enables significant operational cost savings. It’s your key to tomorrow’s fully connected workplace.

A new efficiency driver.

Recon Jet Pro can radically transform workflows in industries like field service, manufacturing, and logistics by enabling workers to access mission-critical information, make see-what-I-see video calls, and interface with remote ERP systems in real time without taking their hands off the job. This drives significant operational efficiency gains:

  • Shorter task-completion times.
  • Accelerated employee training.
  • Reduced error and rework rates.
  • Minimized downtime.

14.4 million.

Number of U.S. enterprise workers expected to utilize smart glasses by 2025.1

$1 billion.

Projected yearly cost savings from smart glasses in the field-service industry starting in 2017.2

1 Source: Forrester Research.
2 Source: Gartner.

Uncompromising Ergonomics

Recon Jet Pro isn’t just a display module. We built the entire eyewear from the ground up for optimal comfort and wearability.

  • Weight distributed evenly across the eyewear frame.
  • Wrap-around comfort nosepiece.
  • Fully adjustable nosepiece and ear stems.
  • Two-axis display angle adjustment.

Jet Pro at a glance.

Sunlight-readable display

Optimized for outdoor use, Recon Jet Pro’s display combines a high-contrast micro-LCD and a 360° shroud to enable maximum readability even in bright sunlight. And with patented Glance Detection technology, Jet Pro’s display can be configured to power on only when needed.

Computing power

Designed to handle the most demanding applications, Jet Pro is equipped with smartphone-class computing and software—along with connectivity that includes Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and GPS.


Supremely comfortable to wear, Recon Jet Pro uses patented technology to distribute the weight of its components evenly across both sides of the eyewear frame. Its nosepiece and ear stems are fully adjustable, as well, enabling a comfortable fit for nearly all head shapes and sizes.

Video calling

Recon Jet Pro’s point-of-view camera enables see-what-I-see video calls. It allows domain experts to guide workers through procedures remotely, in real time, from anywhere in the world. Workers can also use Jet Pro’s camera to scan barcodes and document high-stakes procedures.

Battery range

With a fully field-swappable battery, Recon Jet Pro is suitable for any shift duration. Workers can swap in spare batteries and resume workflows in less than a minute. Depending on the use case, each battery provides approximately 2-5 hours of run time.

Integration & security

Recon Jet Pro leverages APX’s Skylight software platform. Skylight has been validated for use with industry-standard ERP, PLM, MES, and WMS systems, and it complies fully with the latest information-security guidelines.

Swappable lens

A selection of swappable lenses allows Recon Jet Pro to be used in all conditions, from pitch darkness to bright sunlight. Recon Jet Pro also supports prescription inserts for users who require vision correction. (Scroll down to learn more.)

Ruggedized build.

Because it’s optimized for intensive outdoor use, Recon Jet is highly dependable in demanding industrial and field-service workflows.

  • Rugged design.
  • Sunlight-readable display.
  • Swappable lenses for indoor and outdoor work.
  • Impact-resistant Clear lens.
  • Water-resistant components.

Turn-key software solutions.

Deploying Recon Jet Pro is a plug-and-play process that enables rapid ROI.

Recon Jet Pro supports the leading software solutions for enterprise wearables. And because it’s compatible with major mobile-device management (MDM) solutions, it can be seamlessly added to your mobile-device fleet.

Build your own software.

Your organization can develop custom software solutions for Recon Jet Pro. That’s because Jet Pro features:

  • A smartphone-class operating system.
  • Open, publicly available developer tools.

Customers can develop and deploy software solutions on Jet Pro independently—or with the full backing of our developer-support team.

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