Recon athlete Joe Skipper breaks Ironman record

Blog: Insights and Commentary – William Parry

When Joe Skipper partnered with us and started training with Jet this spring, we had a feeling he’d go far. Last month at Challenge Roth 2016, Joe proved us right. His 7:56:23 total time was the fastest ever set by a British triathlete, and his 02:38:52 run was impressive in its own regard.

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Out now: ReconOS 4.6 for Jet and Uplink 1.2

Blog: Product Updates – Tyson Miller


Recon Jet’s second season is underway. We want to make sure everyone running and riding with Jet this summer has a really awesome experience. That’s why we’ve rolled out new versions of ReconOS and Uplink. Both add polish, bug fixes, and new features.

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Bringing Recon Jet to first responders with Mutualink

Blog: Insights and Commentary – Chris Croteau


Recon Jet was built for endurance sports, but its power, ergonomics, and rugged design open the door to a wealth of other applications. Following our entry into the enterprise space, we’ve now partnered with Mutualink to bring Recon Jet to yet another category of users: first responders.

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Get notifications about almost anything with IFTTT on Jet

Blog: Product Updates – Tyson Miller


Today, Recon Jet gained a feature I’ve always wanted: IFTTT support. (Update: with ReconOS 4.5, this feature is now also on Snow2.)

IFTTT stands for “if this then that,” and it’s a powerful way to get more out of your favorite devices and web services. On Jet, it means you can get notifications about almost anything you can think of. All you do is pick a service and decide what it should notify you about, and IFTTT does the rest.

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APX Skylight on Recon Jet and the beginning of a new era

Blog: Insights and Commentary – Dan Eisenhardt


Our mission is to bring smart eyewear to every use case where it can change the game. We’ve been doing that with Recon Jet in endurance sports—and now, we’ve started driving the same transformation in the enterprise.

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Check out the new Engage Community page

Blog: Product Updates – Tyson Miller


We’ve added a new section to Engage.

It’s called Community, and it doesn’t just show you all your friends at a glance. It also makes it super easy to find and add new ones. There’s a list of suggestions, like people you may know or friends of friends. And if you’re looking for inspiration, the Community section lists Engage’s most active users right alongside our Recon-sponsored athletes.

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