The World's Most Powerful Wearable Computer.

Engineered For The Harshest Conditions.

Recon Snow2 is a powerful heads-up display for alpine sports with the onboard processing power, suite of sensors, and networking capabilities you would expect from a tablet or smartphone. With the ability to connect to additional sensors and cameras, Snow2 meets the need of the most demanding athletes.

Dual Core CPU. Bluetooth. Wifi. ANT+. GPS. High Resolution Display.
Recon Snow2

Heads-up Display Module
- 65 grams

  • Display

    Ultra-compact HD Display

    High contrast and brightness for use in strong ambient light.

  • Processor

    1 GHz Dual-Core Chip

    Sophisticated micro computer with amazing capabilities.

  • Connectivity

    WIFI | Bluetooth 4.0 (Classic & BLE)

  • On Board Sensors

    GPS | 9-Axis | Pressure Sensor

    Onboard GPS, Gyroscope, Accelerometer, Magnetometer, Altimeter, and Barometer.

  • Battery

    Rechargeable Li-ion Battery

    For over 6 hours of battery life on every charge.

  • Enclosure

    Shock & Water Resistant

    Designed to handle extreme sub-zero temperatures, blizzard conditions and hard knocks.

Instant Information Transforms Each Day On The Mountain.

Everything You Need To Know. Only a Glance Away.

Performance Metrics & Achievements

Snow2's onboard GPS and comprehensive sensor suite detect every run, jump and turn with pinpoint accuracy. That data is delivered to Snow2's innovative prism display, just below your right eye for instant access.


Accurately calculated by GPS and barometric pressure data. Don't think you're fast. Know you're fast.

Vertical Drop

Track by run, day and throughout the season. Set new records and compare with your friends.


Eat up the terrain and know when you've achieved a personal best. Be motivated to go further.


Check altitude before you drop in on any run. Track your highest summit over the season.

Smartphone Connectivity

Snow2 connects seamlessly via Bluetooth to your iPhone or Android Smartphone. View calls, text messages and change your music with the included remote. Keep your phone safe in a pocket and still be connected and in control.


Answer or ignore calls with ease on the move. View Caller ID on your HUD to see who’s getting in touch.

Text Messages

Save fumbling for your phone. View text messages as you receive them, even with gloves on.

Music Control

Take full control of what's playing from your phone's library or favorite streaming music apps.


Celebrate your biggest achievements as they happen through instant sharing to Facebook.

Never Miss A Thing.

Snow2 is designed to enrich but never disrupt your alpine experiences. Crisp, glance-able graphics are available when you want them, and out of sight when you don't.

Unobtrusive View

Hidden in the periphery of your field of view, Snow2 sits in the bottom right side of the goggle frame allowing for a full 84° of visibility.

Smart Optics

Smart optics ensure you don't need to refocus your eye when viewing the HUD. The display appears as if looking at a 14" image from 5ft away.

Intuitive Dashboard.
Refined For Simplicity.

Snow2's dashboard is designed to deliver the information you want in the simplest way possible. Customize as you wish to see the metrics that matter most and activate Quick Nav to jump immediately to most commonly used menu items.

Smart Optics.

Quick Navigation

Access the most popular screens, instantly, from anywhere within Snow2's menu.

Smart Optics.

Bluetooth Remote

No need for cold hands on hill ever again! Simply navigate your Snow2 via the HUDs accompanying waterproof, glove-friendly Bluetooth remote.

Draw Together Every Aspect Of Your Alpine Experience.

Manage, relive and share your alpine experiences with Recon Engage Mobile Apps and web platform.

The Engage Smartphone Apps and PC/Mac software allow you to upload activities and pictures, which you can interactively review and share across your social networks.


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